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Paul Bridges

Paul is the owner and primary technician at Twin Lake Technology. The company was started in 2017 to bring a fresh IT Solution to the St. Louis market for small and medium sized businesses. Paul has an extensive range of experience through his 17 years in the IT Industry. 

What brought us to where we are

Twin Lake Technology has over 17 years of experience in Information Technology support through a variety of clients and prior experience. 

Our resume includes over 13 years in the Small Business IT Support segment provide a full stack of Microsoft, Data Redundancy and Resiliency, Availability, and Security capabilities for companies anywhere from 5 staff members to over 500 members. Paul also brings enterprise experience to the table through over 10 years of consulting at Medium to Large size businesses with a specialization in Office 365 migrations and management, Azure Identity Migrations and management, and Cyber Security. Why is enterprise experience important? We learn that stability is key to the environment when working with large clients but it should also be important at small customers too. More often than not, IT providers for small business 'shoot from the hip' and worry about impact later. That is further from the truth at Twin Lake Technology and stability is key.

Our platform at Twin Lake Technology allows us to bring all of this experience to you at incredible price points and flexibility. We work hard every day to ensure that IT is not a something on your mind as a Small Business Owner as you have more important things to worry about. 


If you are looking for a change in your IT and Security Support solutions, just want a second opinion, or are venturing into Managed IT and Security Services for the first time, reach out and lets have a conversation. 

(636) 728-9029‬

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